Friday, January 6, 2012


This is a cow from my photograph!  We (Scott and I) stopped on the side of the road in
Union Star Kentucky to take this photo.
It is a bit monochromatic and was done in the spirit of a "study".  

The one below is full color.
I am a little surprised how it turned out. 

Both are 6 x 6, gessobord, oil.

That is 2 so far for January....yes I am keeping track.  I need a goal!!

later, Trish


Claudia Hammer a Painting a day said...

Congratulations on starting your blog! I like your two cows and it's a nice job on your monochrome painting from the workshop.

Gloria E. Moses said...

The bold strokes of your study is so free and spontaneous, like gorgous pop art! Ans I sure love your use of colors, really cool!

silentwitness said...

Nice paintings! Your colors and the movement in the "full color" version are beautiful,and the study has a nice abstract feel to it. Love the knife work.

Patricia Lyons said...

Thanks Claudia I had fun doing the monochrome.
There was something comforting about getting to use just one color. (I do have a stroke of pink, but whose counting...)
So glad to get peruse your blog too!

Thanks Gloria, I'm not too afraid of color...ya think?

Clemmie, thanks. I am becoming good friends with the palette knife...

A Time For Art~Daily Paintings by Kristen Dukat said...

I love your MOOs! I love the palette knife look too, it suits you! Glad you're joining the blogging world, I miss my workshop friends. My good buddy Laurie is MIA ;)