Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grey Pastels for Value Work

If you look for gray pastels, you will come across beautiful sets of muted tones and blends that will complement the brighter ones.  But what if you literally want gray?  As in a blend of white and black of
different values.  I found a set!  My purpose is to do value thumbnail sketches with these pastels and then
make them into larger paintings.  I will report more on this later as to the pros and cons.  Trish

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flowers Make Everything Better

I love being asked to do art work for compassionate people involved in good work.  Kristen Dukat, a friend I met in a workshop is having a gathering for her dear friend Scott Lightfoot that involves a silent auction.  
I hope the night is magical and fun.  These paintings will be a part of that auction.

Geranium 6x6 Acrylic, nfs

Pink Roses, 6x6, Acrylic, nfs

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tomatoes Bright

I love painting anything red and these juicy tomotoes were fun!

Tomatoes, Oil 12x12

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Copper (a most endearing cat)

Copper has had a challenging 6 months.  Getting locked in garages, fights, but
such a sweetie, have you known a cat such as this? 
The first one is Survivor. 
Next is Safe and Sound.  And finally Feline Portrait.  The first and last are in oil. 
I used a palette knife on the first one, I love that thing! It's 12x12.
The second one is a drawing done on brown paper in charcoal and a few pastels.
The last one is an 8x8 Oil.


Safe and Sound

Feline Portrait

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I love flowers and my mom always got geraniums every Spring.  I continue that tradition.
I love them.  This one was just begging me to paint it.  Tried to pay attention to value,
and paint it in a simple, almost abstract way.  Hope you enjoy!  Trish

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Self Portrait and Alice Neel

I resist self portraits because of the stereotypical "artists are so into themselves".
But, the truth is we always have ourselves for exploring, and practicing. 
All I need is a mirror and a medium.  Plus - it is kind of fun to do self portraits.

I extended this to a portrait of Alice Neel, one my favs as far as portrait artists go. 
What did I learn?
I learned that (reminded actually) pastels are so versatile. I am in love.
Also, that I do better with a limited palette for painting, and to use as few
strokes as possible, or I muddy up my paintings pretty fast.  Trish

Moi (pastel on Arches watercolor paper) detail and full

Alice Neel (Oil ) full and detail