Sunday, January 8, 2012

Curtain 2

11 x 14
3/4" canvas

Ok, another curtain.  This is a muslin off-white section of my curtains. 
I bought these from Country Curtains online and just love the long ruffles.
I was interested in the changes in value and shade. 
I tried to be patient when mixing my colors and just apply
what I saw.  I had an elated feeling about halfway through
that this technique was actually producing the curtain!

Keeping at it,  (#4)
(see detail below)


Gloria E. Moses said...

Love Curtain #2!!!! All the little subtle variations in color are beautiful. The shadows on the left side and the gorgeous wall to the right.

Patricia Lyons said...

Thank you Gloria!

silentwitness said...

Nice, soft rhythms (no harsh edges!) and an elegant complementary color scheme.