Friday, December 30, 2011


This is a pastel on Wallis paper (8.5 x 11) nfs.

I am taking care of my cat Copper upon his return after being gone a few weeks.
He is doing well so far.  Eating, meowing, lightly purring and sleeping. 
He has lost some weight but his spirits are high.
I did this of him over the Summer.


Gloria E. Moses said...

Hi Trish, beautifully soft pastel, it actually looks like a watercolor. Hope all goes well for your Copper.

silentwitness said...

What a cute portrait of your kitty! I hope he makes a full recovery--so cute. I love the way you portrayed his ears, muzzle and paw--very expressive. An your composition is a very clever X design--well done. I love Wallis paper, too. After seeing/reading your earlier post today, I started a painting using a knife and brush together and am happy with the way it is working. Thank you so much for posting it and explaining your process. Happy New Year!