Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vase Sketch

Sketchy Vase 8 x 8, Watercolor Paper, Oil Wash and Charcoal (#6)

I love this round little vase. 
 I got this when I went to Gatlinburg, TN thinking I
would like drawing it and I do.
This was a quick sketch with paint and charcoal.
All I have time for today ;)
For my friends who keep saying my paintings look like
watercolors, this is for you!


Gloria E. Moses said...

I sure know it is oil. Of course silentwitness nailed what I was seeing in a better way, it is the beautiful way you handled you edges!!! It is a gorgeous effect, that I am trying to understand how you do it, yea I know, talent! That why I asked what medium because I think it gives you a longer window and allows for the soft glazed layers. The strong structure of today's is just fun!

Patricia Lyons said...

Actually you all inspired me. What would happen
to thin oils on watercolor paper?
Thanks for the kind words.