Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where's the Stack?

Here are three pictures in reverse order from my process of painting
Where's the Stack? 6 x 6 Oil on gessobord. (#8)
1)  Finished Oil painting.
2)  Acrylic underpainting.
3)  Ink sketch.

This was challenging for me because I like to paint curvy things
and there were many straight lines on this little binder clip. 
This is one of my mementos from Carol's workshop.   It helps hold
in the little 6 x 6 canvas panels in place. 


Gloria E. Moses said...

Hi Trish, do you use the acrylic under painting so that it dries fast to paint oil over it? Have a great weekend.

Trish Lyons said...

Yes. I should have made the black part a little thinner.
But yes it's great for washes because it does dry fast and helps
so that youre not looking at a white canvas.