Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ok. Here are some drawings from my morning art class.
We had a model and the focus was on shadows.
Our instructor told us to draw the shadows only.
He didn't want it to be a "drawing" per se. but to simply
put all the medium to dark pieces down to see what we
get.  It was a good exercise I think, and it made me think
of the value exercise we did with burnt umber in Carol's
workshop.  (Sorry I haven't written in a while.)

Both are 18 x 24 Charcoal

Hopefully I will add
this to my list of exercises to see what I
come up with.  I think you could do this with any media.
The only requirement is a strong light source, he had
a light positioned to produce shadows on her face.

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Gloria E. Moses said...

Wow hard excersize to do, looks like you got it. That wonderful value app from the workshop might have been handy, huh! Altought that might be cheating? I don't know, you still have to draw it. : )