Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Vases

Just a little 5 x 5 oil painting on ampersand gessoboard to start my day.
I have been mixing colors with a palette knife the past two days. 
This is half palette half brush.
Hope everyone is recovering from the sugar rush of Christmas cookies.
I still have some to work through, have even froze some.  Mom has been giving
couple care packages the last few Christmases filled with lots of goodies. 
This time she went to the new Trader Joe's in Louisville.


silentwitness said...

Patricia, what a nice composition and sweet painting! It feels like a "couple" that are necking!!! Love the way your colors are mingling, and I like the idea of incorporating knife-work. Keep up the great work!

Gloria E. Moses said...

I agree about the composition, you have a wonderful way of making oil look like watercolors!!

Patricia Lyons said...

That is an interesting interpretation!
Thank you silentwitness. I started off doing watercolors after drawing. It was my first venture into painting. Maybe that experience still remains within me. I really love the variety of the palette knife. It feels more raw that just a brush. Also I like the clean colors you can get with it.

Scott Shearer said...

Hey Trish,
Very nice! Great expressive strokes. I like it :)

Patricia Lyons said...

thanks Scott!