Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where have I been?

I have a new name and a lovely new husband Scott.  That is what I have been up to.
The wedding ceremony was beautiful, with an organ and a cantor that sung a rich tenor. 
I always thought I wanted a female cantor with a lilting voice but I could not find one. 
I am so happy I was open minded enough to go with Chris Camp.  He was amazing and
it added so much to the ceremony. 

But what about my art?  It has been there the whole time, but not documented on my blog
in a couple of months.  I am back to updating my blog more often...yay! 

There have been paintings mostly of flowers.  One I sold to a friend who admires my art.
One was given to my cake baker because she admired it and I couldn't say no.
She promises to hang it in her office where she meets clients and to give a shameless plug
if anyone inquires about the "artist who painted that". 

There have also been sewing projects that I have given a whirl.  Birds and hearts quilted and stuffed.
This has been fun, but a bit fustrating as all things are when you are just learning how to do them.

I have also come to the realization that I don't think I am a "daily painter".  There is something about it that pressures me and not in a good way. I am a painter who likes to paint often, in a larger format.  That is where I am on this journey.

Trisha Lyons Ansert

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Rubén said...

Patricia: hay mucha sensibilidad en esta pintura, me encantó tu trabajo. Muchas Felicitaciones.