Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kyle Marting Workshop - Lima Ohio. Ruth Ann Sturgill, Host.

Although I did not often paint plein air before I went to this workshop, I
was always curious about it, and it seemed that those who did paint outdoors
were usually passionate about it, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I loved the workshop and learned so much.  The main idea is how the light
changes the colors as the day goes on.  There were quite a few discussions on
value and temperature as well.  It turns out, that since artists are quite (usually)
fascinated with color, plein air is like a haaaaaaaaaa moment especially early or late,
meaning the sun is not directly above, although that can also generate some
interest.  Plein air in a word, exciting.  I am guilty now as well of singing
its praises.  Below is a 6x6 in oil of a knockout rose bush.  It is a study, and it was done outdoors.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Trish! I love the peachy oranges in combo with the pinks...Laurie