Tuesday, April 16, 2013

m is for mount LeConte

We walked up a mountain in the smokies called LeConte. My husband Scott has been wanting to do this hike.  It was 5.5 up and 5.5 down, so 11 all together... I learned a lot actually... people that were encouraging looked you in the eye ... and others that just said it is brutal... and nothing more. I love everyone's different perspective and enjoyed the whole we're all in this together, peace lovin joy about it. One of the things we would hear when we were going up was..."it's easier on the way down..." and " there's hot chocolate up there" and "it's totally worth it..." all of which were motivators.  Once we got to the top we had coffee, hot chocolate and lemonade waiting for us and yes we did get a shirt saying we hiked it.  The only place to buy the shirt is up there... 
I though...found it more harder to 'see' the path on the way down, especially on the rocks, and there were a lot of rocks...but Scott was zipping on through... Once we got closer to the bottom I saw the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and began scoping for little rocks... ..the light was beautiful toward late afternoon/early evening and dinner tasted really good.
Now it's time to get back to painting...yay!


Gloria E. Moses said...

That is wonderful, and a great story! Hello Scott nice to see you! Take care guys

Trisha Lyons Ansert said...

hi Gloria.